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OCT 2010

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The lecturer says I'm very good yesterday in the lesson. My aircraft skeptical drawing is ahead of many in the current class. My ITE lecturers did a great job in passing down the skills to me thus able to get such praises. Well, I'm pretty confident that this module isn't gonna be so bad.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First Day In School

It's the first day of my part-time in SP. based on the first lesson, I totally agreed that ITE have made me very knowledgable. Everything seems so easy that it's like a refresher course to me.

Krishnan got into the same class as me. And there 2 other students sticking to me asking me to form a group studying together. This is a good start i supposed.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Droplets of love

Each and every single time I think back on the fear baby showed on her face during the elapse... I tear... It hurts so much in my heart... Even now... Gosh...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Scared? Or what?

Today, it's the first time baby 'activates' in front of me. From her eyes I think something is there that she saw. I swear if I can see it, I'll definitely smash it. Today is also the day I swear I'll never leave my baby. Really dunno what will happen if I didn't fetch Mu baby today. My heart hurts until now... Tears are swallowing into my heart coz I can't cry out in front of baby. I love her... Truly... And I'm very sure today.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thoughtful Baby

Yesterday went The Central with baby. Baby is so thoughtful. Little actions like blowing my fingers are seen and noticed. Baby asked me whether I injured my finger. Ouuu.... It's like so sweet... But I didn't tell baby that it's very sweet *smile* I know it in my heart and that's perfect.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Money money money!

Oh why... I need money... And I should be doing something better then this.... Oh gosh... I'm so stress that I'm into depression.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Marriage Topic; Money Matters

I will not deny that after the deep squabble with baby yesterday night, the marriage thought is running all around my mind till now. Pretty hard for me to concentrate on my work though.

I know I am someone who belongs to shirt & tie. I know that I'm a good fit for managerial positions. But all burns down to cash. It really seems that I'm a bad saver... Just gonna blame the dumb me in the past. Oh what to do...

I'm sad... but powerless... I can only struggle...

For how long I can withstand my struggle? I do not know. But I believe that the time I stop struggling is the time I give up my life.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The deepest pain

Ouch... No effort...


I'd always believe my sight for investment, being in shares or in business. If I have the capital, I will definitely invest in whichever I can. However, the only reason why I can't use my cash to fight is because I love my baby. Though being a optimist, I still have to think negatively about everything I'm investing in. The ability to "at least have the basic funds to feed my baby" is something I cannot stake at this point of time. Some might see my baby as a burden to gamble for a more prosperity life, but I believe it's responsibility.

Unlike many man who throws in cash for investments or gambling, personally I felt that I must always place my baby first. With that, the amount I'm going to invest or whether will I invest will vary. Many man we read about had become successful over a investment or some calls it a gamble of life. It seems so easy for that handful that we read to become successful over a week or some, a night. Nonetheless, all these people are published and that is how people got to know their existence. But those who failed? Who knows that the duration every successful person's news published have many failed cases tagging along unpublished.

The chances here is like 1 in every 30 people will success while the other 29 failed.

I know that my baby is pretty sad that I didn't get to invest, but my baby also doesn't know how much I care about giving her a stable life. It is due to that, I have doubt in investing. It is a stake I cannot take.

Cash, tokens, deeds, properties, favor and so on can be placed on the gambling table of shares or investment, but never will I place my baby or anything that will jeopardize my baby's future onto the gambling table. I stand by those words because I feels that the honor is not of one who gambling and won but one who secures his partner's future. I hope one day my baby will understand why I always consider long before making a decision.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pu Tien Dinner

Ate Pu Tien just awhile ago. I figured that my temper has seriously turned very bad. I ordered a hum and the person forgot twice. I'm so flared up that I can stand up and shout at the staff... Oh what has gotten into me... All the stresses and stuff must be causing these...